Nova Launcher Prime APK new Version and Reviews

Nova Launcher Prime APK new Version and Reviews

Nova Launcher Prime APK new Version and Reviews. Nova Launcher Prime apk is a well-known application for android that you can help modify your smartphone’s features with something as easy as installing an android app.

Nova Launcher is quite popular amongst the users and therefore, it has a lot of demand from the people.

Nova Launcher Prime brings together the stock Android interface in a prime, user friendly layout that makes it easy to swipe through screens.

The launcher is not limited to just frequently used applications like other launchers and also acts as an app drawer where all your apps can be accessed on the go.

Nova can also make use of gestures on phones with sensors to disable the menu button, free up screen space from advertisements, assign custom functions and more.

All-time good reviews have been recorded for Nova Launcher Prime on the Google Play Store. It has an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars and over 3,50,000 ratings.

If you’re fed up with your smartphone’s default home screen, no worries. You have the best option to personalize it through Nova Launcher Prime. You can customize it however you want, change the interface and icons, or even move apps around the screen.

Edit the default Interface of your phone using Nova launcher Prime

The Nova Launcher prime is famous among Android experts today. This app has been a big hit with many users who love their interface tools updated and frequently varied if not always by design but definitely in fashion.

The latter is granted by the stylish interfaces that most users have come to expect from this app of so many available options and customizations including any number thereof on a regular basis as often as seasonally, monthly and yearly like an immediate update whenever a new one appears.

A blessing for anyone bored or tired of the same themes over and over, we’d say! Also alluring to this very day for obvious reasons, so don’t forget about the perks in store for you personally at your fingertips anytime! We sure don’t!

Manage your phone using Nova Launcher Prime

Many technology proponents have commented on the Nova Launcher Prime accessibility within the Android operating system.

True to its reputation, the app allows users to better manage their phones and is considered an app that every smartphone should have.

It refreshes your phone’s interface and helps you manage all the data on your phone more easily than ever.

Customize phone interface freely with Nova launcher Prime feature

Currently, the app allows users to unlock many unique features, such as the freedom to customize every interface on their phone.

Users can play with the layout of their phone and create any sort of folders they wish within apps. In addition, you can add shortcuts to anything you like inside the phone’s settings or sliding panels.

It can be said that the consumer’s need for functionality is quite significant, which generates a lot of applications related to it and can often be confusing between apps.

The application was born to solve this problem and help you organize the application very scientifically.

If you want to change, press and hold the app for a few seconds and the Edit section will appear.

Hide Apps using Nova launcher Prime apk

However, on the phone you have, there are many apps that you want to keep and don’t necessarily want to share. This application is designed to help you protect any app of your choice and hide it in a secure manner so that no one but yourself can see it.

But this particular app does not support this function with some phones that tend not to be rooted, so if users want to use the hiding feature they’ll need to root their device first.

To activate the hidden apps feature in Nova settings, select “Hide Apps” and then hit the restart button before going back into Nova settings where users will need to simply tap on their Pixel Launcher search bar and insert their passcode when prompted for access before finding the icon for their newly hidden app.

What is the latest version of Nova Launcher?

Recently it was announced that an Indian developer, TeslaCoil Software, has released its newest version of the app Nova Launcher Prime v7.0.56. This latest app is very inexpensive on the Google Play Store and costs only in India.

The developer of the Android operating system has updated the software lately by adding new features to the operating system that were suggested by the users.

The developers added a new feature which allows users to hide specific apps from their App Drawer Group. They also worked on other improvements pertaining to gestures, App Drawer Group and some other features.

These changes are meant to improve app management and provide a better user experience as revealed in an official press release issued by Google.

How do I install Nova Launcher Prime for free?

Nova Launcher Prime may not be available in the shop as yet, but you can still download it for free online. Some application websites may provide Nova Launcher Prime Download APK to users who are looking for such apps and software.

Be careful and make sure to download the secure APK that will not cause harm to your laptop / tablet!

What is the price of Nova Launcher Prime?

Nova Launcher Prime is a highly dependable version of the original Nova Launcher which is available for free on the Google Play Store. At per USA user, it’s even more affordable than many popular mobile launchers and supports more devices out of the box.

Even if you aren’t able to fully take advantage of the gestures, folder support and other premium features of this launcher, it still manages to easily replace many third-party home screen apps which is why it comes highly recommended by so many who simply need a fast and reliable option that they can start using right away!

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